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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
I think the change that needs to happen involves changes at many levels, and the most important part is about how reports are received and what the response is. Creating an environment where victims feel safe is extremely important, and can mean that non victims don't report everything, every time they learn something.
Having an environment where someone knows that they are not the only one can be helpful. There is also the fear of over-reacting, at least from my point of view.

When I was freshly graduated from college, I worked in a company where a man in his 50s liked to stand around the coffee pot and complain about the pictures of naked woman in Playboy. It was not comfortable to be around him and many women avoid the coffee pot if he was there. A female manager happened to be at the coffee pot when he started his spiel. She told him she didn't think his discussion was appropriate for the office. And he stopped. He had some other behavior that was rather annoying and after seeing her say something I finally got up the nerve to ask to stop. He did.

In this case it was easy. Not everyone is so cooperative.
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