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Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
If people had a "me too" campaign for being falsely accused of sexual harassment or worse, my guess is we'd be just as surprised at who says they have but even more surprised at how few responses there'd be.
I'm afraid there'd be a whole lot of responses; but most of them would be along the lines of 'sure I always patted the secretaries on their asses, and/or yes I kept asking the clerk to go to bed with me even though she kept saying no and asked me to stop asking, and/or I told the waitress she ought to wear a shorter skirt so I could see her pretty legs better, and/or I called the defense attorney a little girl in court, but none of that is sexual harassment! It's all perfectly normal behavior!'

If people are worried that they'll be publicly accused of misbehavior for that sort of thing -- that is IMO a very good idea, and it's about time. Or, rather, long past time.
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