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I'm going to be very vague because there is no way I'd ever want the relevant parties stumbling across this thread and knowing that I was referring to them.

Someone that I'm related to (X) was being raised by his single mom until he was 2, and then his mom married and the new guy adopted X. For various reasons, which I strongly do not agree with but are ultimately not my business, they decided not to tell X and raised him to believe that his dad was his bio-dad.

He's an adult now, and got married about a year ago. When we were emailed a picture of the lovely couple, my first thought was that X's fiance looked an awful lot like X. That may be because she also looks somewhat like X's mom, but what had me concerned was that maybe the similarity I was seeing was through X's unknown bio-dad.

I've heard different versions over the years about whether X's bio-dad even knows of X's existence. I don't really think that X and his new wife are blood related, but my shock at seeing the resemblance got me thinking about how that (unknowingly marrying a half-sibling) had always been a possibility for him.
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