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Originally Posted by WildaBeast View Post
According to something I heard on NPR last year, apparently conservative media, Breitbart in particular, have been citing a statistics from German law enforcement that include the "crime" of entering Germany without a visa in their numbers. So that's probably where Trump got the idea.
Not even that can be right. Here is the official statistics on crime in Germany for 2017 (downloadable pdf, 1 MB). According to that,
  • overall crime (page 10, table 3.1-T01) is down -9.6 percent from 2016,
  • overall crime without crimes against visa laws (page 10, Table 3.1-T02) is down -5.1 percent, and
  • and crimes against visa laws and alien laws (page 19, table 3.2-T20) are down -63.1 percent, from 487,711 cases in 2016 to only 179,848 cases in 2017. Among those, the crime of illegally crossing the border is down by -79.9 percent.

But this statistics is probably why President Trump alleges that the German gouvernment is lying to the people. If the numbers do not look like he wants them to look, it's fake news.