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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
Can you reasonably say that you bought the suitcase full of money for whatever you paid for the dresser? The only kind of sale contract that would typically include that would be some kind of unclaimed property/abandoned storage unit sort of thing, where neither buyer nor seller is supposed to know exactly what's inside, and the price reflects the risks. Otherwise, it either was not included in the sale agreement, or you at least have a mistake of fact situation, which can get complicated, but often means the buyer would not get to keep it.
Okay I have a somewhat related question based on a number of news stories I've seen on this subject:

What if you buy a mediocre painting at a garage sale, then when you get it home, you find that there is another painting under the one you bought (whether it's been repainted, or somehow further tacked under the painting you can see) by someone really famous. So now your $5 landscape is a $50,000 Picasso.

Is that just tough luck for the seller or do similar rules apply in that the seller thought they were selling one thing, not the more expensive thing inside?