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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
... if you buy an item that turns out to have a suitcase of money inside, that's not your money. In the case of an item you purchased directly from the owner, you give it back.
I'm not sure I understand this. If I buy a relatively complex thing like a dresser, isn't there an assumption that everything in it is part of the sale? What if the seller left a few paperclips in it? A shirt? A pair of earrings? Am I obliged to give these back? How about some scotch tape left for some reason on the underside of a drawer? And most importantly, what if the sale was specifically "a dresser with contents"?

To look at it another way, there have been a number of rulings that say what someone leaves out for trash pickup is fair game for scavengers. So if that dresser with the money was left on the curb, I'd be okay to take it all home, but if I bought it, I have to give the money back?