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I don't know what the law is in France, but in common law countries, it would be illegal to keep any part of that money. So, yes, before selling furniture, you should be sure it is empty, but also, and IMO more importantly, if you buy an item that turns out to have a suitcase of money inside, that's not your money. In the case of an item you purchased directly from the owner, you give it back.

ETA after seeing Alarm's 2nd post: I don't read French. Presumably what was being sold was "a dresser," and not "the contents of storage space x," or even, "one dresser and all of its contents."

In common law countries, there are typically laws that apply to finding misplaced or lost money. In no jurisdiction that I'm familiar with would you be able to keep any part of the money in a situation like this, unless you followed the procedures and the money went unclaimed.

Also, if the answer to your question 2 is that they saw the money before purchasing it, then it could well play a role in the legal issues.

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