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Originally Posted by A Turtle Named Mack View Post
Dear online job search e-mailers,
Your e-mails correctly note that I could be interested in attorney jobs. So why would you repeatedly list jobs for train conductors, otolaryngologists and massage therapists, among other totally irrelevant positions for which I have shown no interest, aptitude or licensure!?!?!?!
Not quite the same thing but the last time I was studying I was on the books for on call casual work. You know when some calls in sick and they need someone quickly. Because I was studying I only said I was available on the days I wasn't in class. But I would regularly get calls while I was actually in class asking if I was available. One of the woman also on the books said that at times they just got desperate, but heck I was available on the particular day I would have said.

It was usually mindless processing work on the outskirts of the city and I don't drive so difficult to get to so I wasn't exactly keen on it but it meant I would pay the bills. But getting these calls just added to the whole annoyance of being in this situation.
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