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Default Letters you wish you could send

Since the old thread is closed......


I get a little tired of your lame excuses of, "Oh, I'm so horrible about remembering to call people to hang out." Especially when this excuse only ever seems to apply to me (you certainly have no trouble calling J, or M, or anybody else you know.)

But you certainly have no problems remembering to call me when you need somebody to watch your dog for you. Hope you weren't too terribly shocked that the answer was no, but 1.) I'm tired of feeling like you only remember me when you need something, 2.) It was a bit last minute, and 3.) Next weekend is my birthday weekend, and I am going to spoil and pamper myself at an all-day trip to the spa and then be out most of that same night. I really don't want to worry about getting back to the house to let a dog out.

She Who Apparently Only Exists When You Need Her



I'm about to slap your rolly eyes out of your head. Let's get something straight--you're living a pretty sweet life in one of the most desirable cities in the U.S. on the cheap right now. So if I ask you to pull the grass/weeds from the rock beds/mulch beds around the house, then you can damn well do it cheerfully, instead of acting like a petulant teenager--which is really pretty embarrassing since you're 37 years old. You should be *offering* to help out and make my life easier, not sitting around waiting to be asked and then copping an attitude when you are. You think I'm being unfair, then by all means, move out and get your own place. Good luck finding anything in Denver half as nice as what you've got now, with all the amenities and conveniences, without paying 4 times as much for it. Or you could go back to St. Louis, by all means. Tell me how much you'll like living with dad back at the old house (and I know for a fact he'll put your ass to work around the house.) Or try and crash with your friends--and let me know how long they'll put up with your entitled little ass.

Older Sister
(Who actually did say some of this to her)
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