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Victoria J
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Devil I'm missing the controversy here

Finding one species or a hundred species of dinosaur still alive wouldn't disprove evolution anyway. There are plenty of creatures still alive which predate dinosaurs (jellyfish I think, from the top of my head, are largely unchanged and predate the dinosaurs).

Even if you found all species of dinosaurs alive and well that wouldn't actually disprove evolution. (And even if you could prove to me right now that some dinosaurs still existed I still would put the chances of the really big ones still being out there at 0).

Unless you could show that everything alive now was alive in the past you aren't really challenging evolution. An imperfect fossil record makes that pretty near impossible even if it was true.

So the next best way would be to attack the evidence of change in species (and to concentrate on "missing link" scenarios), and this is what most evolutionists seem to do. Very badly. It is precisely this area that has shown evolution to be a strong theory - repeatedly predicting future finds etc.

Showing that some random species survived from millions of years ago would have no impact on the scientific arguments whatsoever.

I guess finding dinosaurs would be an attack on some science. If people have been seeing them and being dismissed, and evidence later found, then that would be an attack on scientific neutrality. And finding bigger dinosaurs might knock out theories on ecosystems etc.

The best I can think of is that some anti-evolutionary Christians might believe that finding dinosaurs alive and well would support a young earth theory. But as evolution already excepts species with great ages so that is only going to convince the already convinced.

I'd be very surprised if anyone found a dinosaur, but I'd also be thrilled. And my scientific world view would not be damaged in anyway.

Victoria J
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