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Originally Posted by Brad from Georgia View Post
First one's not a pun, but a fact: we had families of chimney swifts nesting up there. Chimney swifts are birds; birds are descendants of dinosaurs. Unlike Barney, they do not love you--they really mess up the chimney, and occasionally they issue forth from the fireplace and scare the dickens out of the chilluns. Chimney swifts have a mean reptilian look on 'em--huge (for their teeny body size) mouths, cold glaring eyes, and a determination to eat you.
Thanks. I can stop taking the dramamine now.

Mom has chimney swifts that come down to the fireplace glass and yell at us. When Jes was two, she could hear the babies in the chimney making their crazy baby bird racket, and she was sore afraid. We told her it was just the baby birds crying "mommy-ommy-ommy", but she still wouldn't go in the room with the fireplace.
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