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Icon27 Dinosaur conspiracy

Comment: Dear Sirs: I wonder if you have been asked to analyze or review
reports about there still being live dinosaurs in the world. I am an
amateur cryptozoologist, and a creationist, and so I believe that the
world is only 10,000 years old, not billions, and accordingly, dinosaurs
did not live that long ago, and some may still be alive.

The web site genesispark provides various examples of recent sightings of
various dinosaurs around the world. I myself met a man in Ottawa Ontario
where I live who claims he was posted to a remote location in Papua New
Guinea with a US aid organization and while hiking down to the coast saw a
live "apparent" Triceratops cross his path. I am trying desperately to
relocate this man because of the significance of what he claims he saw.
He was not a "creationist".

Missionaries have been reporting sightings of live Pteradactyls and
Pterasaurs in Papua New Guinea for some time now, but sadly with no
pictures. But as I say to people, if you can't believe that a Christian
Missionary is telling the truth, then who can you believe?

There are also many alleged sightings of live Sauropods by the pygmies in
a 10 million hectare inhospitable swamp bordering the Congo and Cameroon.

Anyways, this is the stuff of Urban Legends, except that it has not
reached that status. Or has it? Is it possible that this subject is so
contentious that you may know about these stories but not post them for
fear of angering the evolutionists, who positively hate creationists?
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