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Comment: THANK YOU!! I for one appreciate the diligent effort your website
puts for to sort through all the random information circulating the
internet via email, text message, facebook & other social networking site
to name a few.
I've come to totally rely on to help me try & put an end to so
much erroneous information & fear mongering that keeps floating around the
web. Too many people want to believe everything they read. Even newspapers
& news tv aren't reliable these days. I'm a skeptic & an innocent both. I
try to rely on my gut instinct. Half the stuff I receive has so many red
flags of B.S. its amazing the there are people that will send this stuff
on. And the saddest part is, when asked where they got the information
from, their response is usually just that someone sent it to them & it
said to forward---so they did. HONESTLY!!! Sometimes I'm amazed the human
race has existed as long as it has. And even sadder, it seems the more
bizarre & absurd, the more likely they are to forward the stuff. But when
presented with the information you've posted through your hard work &
research, whether you prove the information true, false or part true/part
false???? They debunk your information that I repost. People never cease
to amaze me.
Sorry about rambling.
I am very sincere in my appreciation & gratitude to your interest in fact
or fiction to rumors. And admire your fortitude for the truth!!
Young at heart Grannie in Kansas loves you!
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