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Yow! How much ejaculate can the human body produce? (NFBSK)

Comment: I don't know where you guys draw the line, but for me this is a
serious physiological question. I'm not asking anyone to view something
they don't want to see, so please don't get angry at me if you don't like

This question is essentially about how much ejaculate the human body can
possibly produce. There's this video that I've seen floating around the
net for a while:


and I don't know if it's true or not, or if it's even possible. (In case
you haven't clicked on it yet, it's not commercial porn but what looks
like a home made video of an individual guy wanking off.) I'm wondering if
you can find out if this video is authentic, dig up some info on its
origins, or possibly even find the person who made it.
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