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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
I mean I appreciated knowing that it wasn't going to help me lose the weight I thought it might but he could have been a bit more encouraging!
I hear you. I recently went to see a dietician for the first time because my weight has been slowly creeping up during grad school. She wasn't outright discouraging--it's not like she told me my diet was crap--but she still managed to make me feel like most of the parts of my diet and exercise that I thought I was doing right were wrong. One of the highlights: She suggested I swap my daily glass of skim milk for yogurt, when we had already discussed that I don't really care for yogurt; when I sadly protested that I love milk, her response was a "Well, you have to take your preferences into account..." It's skim milk, darn it, not soda! If there's a problem with drinking skim milk, explain it to me, don't just expect me to swap something I love for something I sorta tolerate just on your say-so! I nearly started crying in the grocery store that evening when I realized that after a 45 minute appointment, I still had no idea what to get for dinner that met her healthy eating guidelines, and all of my normal "healthy" meal standbys were tainted by her vague disapproval. She found time to tell me what brand of olive oil I should be buying, but never managed to give me information useful for deciding what to eat that night. Holy useless micromanaging, Batman!
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