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The Sleepypod mobile pet bed! It's a cozy bed with a domed lid you zip on to turn it into a carrier. You can secure it in your car with a seatbelt.

My little dog *really* wants to sit on my lap when I'm driving, and that's a horrible idea for a number of reasons. I tried using a seatbelt harness and she tried to chew through the strap. She's also figured out how to open the car windows, so it's better if she's fully contained, and she barks non-stop in her crate.

She's happy with the Sleepypod because she uses it (without the lid) for her regular bed at home. She makes blanket nests in there and hides toys in it, so she doesn't mind when I put her in there for car rides. I like knowing she's safe, and LOVE having her out of my hair while I'm driving.

The big downside is the price, but I've had the bed about 2 years and it still looks brand new. I'm hoping to have the dog at least another 10 years, so $190/12 years is only about $15/year.
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