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Hmm. They've even got some without polyester (which makes me itch if it's worn tight to the skin.) I might well try one. ETA: I live in fear that the one Elita bra that fits me will disappear from the market.

I like my EGO battery-powered lawnmower. It's not as quiet as I'd hoped (the non-self-propelled version is probably quieter, some of the noise is coming from the drive); but it's better at mowing tall grass and weeds than I'd hoped, in fact better than any gas mower I've used at doing so without stalling. (The results were kind of messy, but considering the thigh-high mess it started with that's not surprising. A second pass on shorter grass looked a lot better.) And it's very nice to have the will-it-start-this-time-and-if-so-after-how-many-yanks problem go away.

I haven't had it very long, though; so I don't know how well it holds up in the long run. Ask me again how I like it in a few years.
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