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If he is wearing lycra shorts, no, that wouldn't make any sense. (The shorts I think I see don't look like lycra to me, but that's not really the issue.) If the paler color around the buttocks is a difference in sun exposure, that would imply somebody who usually wears clothes over that area but who stripped off for the video.

I can't tell for sure whether I'm seeing clothing, or paler skin, or even light and shade patterns -- though if light and shade, it's odd that none of the different stills show paler skin elsewhere on the body, as the person would be moving in and out of any particular shade patch; but I didn't try going through the video frame by frame, maybe some of them do. But if we can't even agree on whether the figure's dressed or not, then the video's not clear enough to come to much in the way of other conclusions, either -- including how tall the person is.

Does anyone else think the running figure appears and disappears in an implausibly abrupt fashion? do you see it running into the brush, or just disappearing from the road? -- maybe, if I'm going to keep going on about this, I do need to try to go through it frame by frame.
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