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I was going to say that the word "hobbit" in the headline seems deliberately misleading, but the report has now changed it to "pygmy man".

"Hobbit" immediately implies that he was supposed to be a different species from Homo Sapiens - one of the Homo Floriensis whose remains were discovered on Flores a few years ago. That's a couple of thousand miles from here and several islands away...

The claim that he's simply somebody from a "lost tribe" is far less sensational. I don't know how likely it is that there are still "lost tribes" in Sumatra - I thought there were only a few places still left in the world where there were known to be uncontacted tribes, and that those were mostly in New Guinea or the deepest parts of the Amazon. Sumatra is densely populated in comparison (275 people per square mile according to Wikipedia, as opposed to 36 / sq mi for New Guinea - even less if you look only at the Indonesian half - or 6.6 / sq mile for the Amazonas area of Brazil), although it looks like there are still pretty big jungle and wilderness areas up at the northern end where these bikers were.
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