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My mother has a gigantic book that traces her family back to Adam and Eve. (There are not enough eye-rolling smilies for that.) Some distant relative of hers put it together in the early 1990's and deduced that I was the 12th cousin of Princess Diana. For some reason this information was considered important enough to warrant a Post-it note on the first page when they sent the book to us. (But according to the book I am also related to everyone who ever existed, so...)

The story we were told is that my mother's family were Mormons and kept "extensive records", whatever that means. I'm not entirely sure how much of it my mom fell for, though she did truly believe, at least for a little while, that I was related to Princess Di and actually went around bragging about it to people. It was so embarrassing and weird that she'd latch on to this random thing. (I don't know if she took the Biblical lineage seriously. You never can tell with her.) Basically, I think what happened is that once her family tree ran out of hard evidence in the 1800's, someone tacked on the lineage of every royal family in Europe (with historical figures like Charlemagne and Christopher Columbus thrown in) and then added every Biblical figure in there just for the hell of it. At the end of the book it literally says "Adam (1)" and "Eve (2)" and that's where it ends. The book is about 1,000 pages long and it's ridiculously entertaining, but I hope she didn't shell out money for it.
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