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Originally Posted by Blatherskite View Post
Usually the paneer is cubed which would require some kind of additional stage if you're using a tub of typical lumpy cottage cheese,
Yes - a lot of websites say that Paneer and Cottage cheese are the same thing, but as you say, the texture is different. I was undecided whether or not to say that straining and squeezing the liquid out of cottage cheese makes paneer, or just say it makes something similar to cottage cheese.

In the course of looking into that, I learned that cottage cheese is sort of related to Quark, which I thought was interesting. My wife was hugely into quark when we first met, and I had no idea what it even was. For those who don't know, quark is a very soft cheese that has a taste and texture much like yogurt. Not popular and hard to find in the U.S., but widely available in Germany, it is eaten there much the way we Yanks eat yogurt varieties that are pre-sweetened and mixed with fruit (Yoplait and the like).
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