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who ever started this stupid thing about jelly-braclets having sexual
meanings must have been a desperate lil hoe ! yeah ; i get these as
presents FROM GUYS && i get black ones but you dont see me going around
****ing every guy if i break it ! && why cant we have them at school ?! if
ur gonna punish us for wearing them ; at least punish the ones doing the
sexual favors ; those people who believe that jelly-braclets stand for sex
&& follow those "guidlines" then yall must be some ugly@$$ hoez !!!!
some of us are trying to look good && make a fashion statment so yall lil
hoez supportin thizz shyt can go break their braclets && SUCK A DICK !!!
bcuhz` myself && alot of other girls WITH PRIDE && DIGNITY && SELF RESPECT
think they look dummy clean ; dats all i gotta say ; any yall got a
problem wit that can come say it to mai face
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