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Originally Posted by James G View Post
Apparently they already have enough trouble, particulalry with elderly patients, fearing that their emergency calls are a rude imposition on the ambulence service.
My own experience suggests that this is only too true. When I came down with food poisoning I didn't call an ambulance until I was actually passing blood, and even then I felt terribly guilty about it and apologised to them several times. In fact, I still feel vaguely guilty about it, even though the fact that I proceeded to spend three days in hospital on a drip suggests that I made the right call!

Likewise, a friend of mine in severe pain from a kidney stone decided that the best way to get to hospital was to take the tube to London Bridge and walk. The nurse who attended him post-op had difficulty believing that that had been possible. It just never occurred to him that there was another option

Lord, what fools these Brits be...
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