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I remember read one of those Inspirational Stories that really aren’t where they talked about a teacher with cancer whose fellow teachers stepped in and donated some of their sick days after he had used up all of his. Like so many “Inspirational” articles, it was framed as a heartwarming human interest story. Meanwhile I was going “Okay, it was pretty cool for the guy’s colleagues to step up and help him out, but shouldn’t we talk about serious economic inequalities inherent in all this? Like maybe we should rethink our priorities as a society so a man with cancer only has to worry about getting well, and he isn’t in a position where he has to hope that his colleagues can spare some of their meager benefits.”

Yeah, I really suck at these articles. The fact that people stepped up to help out someone in trouble, isn’t an astonishing thing. People, even poor people, are inherently wired to want to take care of each other. If a massive sinkhole opened up and started swallowing someone whole, it’s not too unfathomable that people would step up and do what they can to get the poor guy out, and that is a good thing. But if we’re in a disaster on a massive scale where nearly everybody is up to their necks in a sinkhole, then hoping some guy throws someone a rope to pull someone out, is a bandaid on a massive hemorrhaging wound. It is better than nothing, but we need to do something on a larger scale to help out those who aren’t lucky enough to have a friend with a rope to spare, and maybe figuring out the cause of the problem so that the poor schmoe pulled from a sinkhole doesn’t immediately have another run of bad luck that leaves him in another sinkhole.

Or to borrow from Martin Luther King Jr., while we should be the Good Samaritan and help out those beaten and left for dead on the road to Damascus, at some point we need to take an overall look at things so that we lessen the amount of men beaten and left for dead on the road to Damascus. King said it better than I did, but I believe I’ve exhaustively laid out my point.
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