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Comment: Ok I’m only going to tell you once. The next time imy lawyer will.

Stop coming into my feed and refuting stories done by conservatives. I have seen 32 reports in the past few months that came from librals and you are not fact checking. I have two that you have not provided proof no of the reports being false. Only your opinion. One is a video that states that Nancy Pelosi was saying how the Dems use smears. Which came out of her own damn mouth. Have you proven it wasn’t her. Have you proven that she was referring to republicans? No your going on her words alone!!!! They have been doing this and you are spreading fake news.
>The second article is on feinstins husband receiving a government contract. Unless you can prove that he he didn’t receive privilege you must immediately remove your fact check. Trust me I think over 280,000 conservatives will join me in suing your ass. You do not have anyone’s permission to correct their Feeds. If people want your service they have the right to google you along with any other source! You have no legal right to pop onto anyone’s feed and fact check them.
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