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Tantrum Little things that annoy you

The old thread got closed! I'm starting a new thread! I deliberately spelled the title wrong so it'll annoy us all every time we see it for the next year.

Update on my post from 1last Tuesday:
I did a full day's work at the opp shop for Work For The Dole yesterday but apparently they forgot to report my attendance
10 days later and that problem is FINALLY fixed. My job network agency didn't actually tell me it was fixed, I had to ring in and ask them about it. But while I had them on the phone I got them to check the total number of hours they had recorded for my attendance and there's over 100 hours missing!!

Quick maths question: What is 24 x 7.5??
a) 77 hours
b) 180 hours
c) LOL I dunno, I'll ask some guys, maybe call back on Monday????

(Answer: apparently it's either A or C, but definitely not B.)
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