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I have an Instant Pot, and I love it. If you didn't have a pressure cooker, I'd say to definitely get one. But if you have and like your pressure cooker, I'm not sure if an IP would be worthwhile.
Is it an older pressure cooker that you do on the stove? If so, then the IP is easier. It works well as a rice cooker - the first time I used it to cook some, I made better rice than I ever had before. The most common thing for me to make in it are various form of potatoes, meat that I want to shred, and chocolate lava cakes. We probably use it 2-4 times a month. For the meats, if I want some shredded chicken tacos, I can go super easy and spice a chicken breast and throw it and some salsa in, seal it up, push poultry, and wait until it's done. I think that's probably easier than the stove top type, but if you are comfortable with the stove top, I doubt this would be life changing.

I am home, and everything seems to be going well on the sous vide front. I'm not sure if I could tell by now if it wasn't, though, so I will continue to wait.
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