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The air was as removed as we could get it. I did the bit where you leave a corner of the bag open, lower it into water to push all the air out, and seal it. The bag was clinging to the meat. And by floating, I mean one little corner was at the top of the water. I just wanted to ensure that none of it was above the water. As to the heat, we set it a few degrees above what we are looking for. I'm actually looking for the meat to be around 125-127, since we all like rare meat.

The circulator was $100. It is one that can be controlled from the unit, rather than done solely by an app. I would be a bit worried that they would stop supporting the app one day rendering the unit worthless if I went with a fully app controlled one. They can range from anywhere around $60-$500, from what I've found.

And that street corn looks good. I was planning on grilling the corn, but hadn't given any consideration to it beyond that. I think I'll see if I can pull that off. Thanks for the link!
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