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Snopes Should Be Ashamed for telling so Many Lies about The Great New president who is Doing an Outstanding Job and is a Born Again Christian along with His wife and Works Tirelessly from Dawn Until After Midnight in Most cases - Shame on Snopes For believing The Lie Telling CNN and The others Who have taken Pay offs To try and Discredit The New and Much Improved President Donald Trump of the United States ! I Do Not care How Much Soros/Obama/The Clintonís and Bush Clan Have paid You - The LORD of Heaven Hates a Liar More than Anything Else and If You want to Go to Heaven Someday (And You Will Be taken to the Pearly gates at Some point, You may not Get In But You are escorted There, You had Better Start Printing Some Retractions of The lies You have Told about President trump and Tell Everyone The Great Job He is doing IN Job Creations for The blacks and How They Unemployment for Black Folkís is Now at The Lowest level ever and That The New president is the peoples Champion and That The economy is Booming Because the good Christian Folkís of the USA have Complete Confidence In This God fearing and Hard working Man who The Folkís of The USA Love and His Lovely Wife Who is also a Great Christian Woman ! Remember the LORD of Heaven is Watching and His Holy Angels That Live Round The Throne Room in That Great City built Above, Are Recording EVERYTHING We say and Do Down Here in The Books and We WILL be Accountable for Everything We Say and Do 100% Truth Be Known ! See Jon 3:3 and John 3:16 - Ever since You were Little Youíve Known That the Lord Loves You i.e. Yes Jesus loves Me, The Bible Tells Me So ??! So Donít You want to Please Him Everyday instead of Taking Pay-offs and Pleasing People/Man ??! have a Good day and Know that You are Loved By the King of Glory Himself, King Jesus Christ and Our Father That is in Heaven (YHWH) !!! Note: Even The Greatest Hebrew Scholar Rabbi Kadouri before He Died Put it in a sealed Envelope and Said King Jesus Christ is the Messiah But Do Not Open until after His death (The Rabbi Must have Been afraid for His life) i.e. A Mutiny Perhaps !
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