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Originally Posted by Dr. Winston O'Boogie View Post
Faux News isn't saying that "normal" people are bigots - they're saying that "normal" people use words like "$#!^hole"; they're entirely avoiding the fact that Trump insulted an entire continent and has an overtly racist mindset. Frankly, I think they are intentionally focusing on the language; it makes Trump more relatable - hey, you hear worse language drinking with your buddies at the bar! Yeah, and if my buddies at the bar were saying racist things, I'd call them out on it.

Oh, and the answer to Trump's question "Why do we get immigrants from poor nations instead of Norway?" kinda answers itself - people from Norway don't want to leave Norway; people from Haiti want to get away from the poverty. Duh!
I'm in academia, and perhaps that makes some difference, but I don't regard that sort of speech as representative of normal people. I find it representative of aberrant and abhorrent people. YMMV.
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