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Originally Posted by dfresh View Post
I wonder how hard it is to learn Australian.
Maybe I should consider Australia. I had been considering Canada. I honestly wonder if our neighbors to the North have executed a long-running revenge scheme against the US. They have Universal Healthcare and are ruled by Justin Trudeau, probably the only politician who makes me renew my commitment to heterosexuality just by looking at him. Whereas the US risks having our shitty piecemeal healthcare system made even worse and weíre ruled by a human dumpster fire in both looks and personality. That and they consider eleven weeks to be their longest election cycle ever, while eleven weeks wouldnít even get you to New Hampshire in the US.

This is about all those hippies who ran up there during Vietnam, isnít it? Still have to say well-played, Canucks. Whatever we did to deserve this, living well is lifeís best revenge and youíve certainly pulled that off.

Though maybe I should consider Australia rather than Canada. Trumpís actions will spillover everywhere, but Australia puts some distance between it. Iíve also heard that Australia is considered to be one of the best places to be in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Big massive island in the middle of an ocean and lightly populated, with much of the continent still uninhabited. And thereís the obvious: the crazy flora/fauna would make quick work of any zombies.
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