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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
Comment: The story of the girl having to go to an emergency to get a hot
dog extracted from her is VERY true. I live in the small city of
Plattsburgh, New York, very close to the Canadian border. Unfortunately I
did not attend the school she is from but many of my friends transferred
from there. About 2-4 years ago a girl at XXXXXX XXXXXXX, a private
school, was indeed in trouble when she took a warm hot dog from her lunch
tray and proceeded to put it in herself. It did get stuck, and indeed had
to be surgically removed. I do know she played soccer for the girls
varsity team in 2005 & she also had red hair. I believe she graduated last
year. Please contact me, I can get her name from a friend!
Some people (and we're talking to the girl with red hair here) need to learn basic cafeteria etiquette.
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