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Originally Posted by Dasla View Post
In that cause it's a yowie.
Originally Posted by Gutter Monkey View Post
Australian Bigfoots are apparently called Yowies. Make sure to warn your son to steer clear of the Yowie hunters.
I think I already said that.

Originally Posted by DawnStorm View Post
When I was younger, my feet grew at such a rate that my mother was afraid she wouldn't be able to find shoes that would fit me. They finally stopped growing when I was around 12. While I do not like wandering in the bush, I do like occasional walks in the park.
I am the opposite. My feet are so small that I have occasionally bought children's shoes as an adult. They are about the smallest size commonly available for adult woman so I quite often get good bargains.

When I was a school kid, always brought me properly fitted good quality school shoes (for growing feet) and because I had (still do) small narrow feet, we would seem to spend hours in the shoe shop making sure I got the correct fit. Well it probably wasn't really hours but it seemed like. I claim it is could very well be the reason I am not obsessed with shoes the way women are supposed to be.
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