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Some guy uploaded a 90 minute 'documentary' about his search for the Sasquatch:

His father had an 'experience' years ago and he goes back to the same place and spends a few days there, then he goes and hangs out in a different forest with a few friends for a few days. They find a few vague possible footprints in the forest and some odd handprints on the window of their car but they never actually see anything. They set up trail cams all over the place but never even mention the results.

There's really really nothing compelling in this video at all, the only reason I mention it is because I found his father's recounting of his 'experience' at the 6:00 point in the video interesting. He was fishing on a remote lake with a friend and a large rock came tumbling down the gravel slope, then soon after another large rock came flying through the air and actually hit a tree and bent it way over. He's 100% convinced it was a Bigfoot trying to warn them off and you can tell it really had a big impact on him that changed his life but even his son admits it could have just been loose rocks tumbling and bouncing down the slope. This is how urban legends start ...
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