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I think yours is an excellent post. One that talks about hard work, planning, being able to capitalize on things at the right time, compassion, and generosity. I think 50% is what you can control and 50% is adapting to your environment, which you can't necessarily control (these precise numbers are pulled out of thin air).

I have also been on both sides of this divide, and yes, it's different in how you're treated and how you allow yourself to be treated. I think part of it is just we associate money to better personality traits in general. It's part of our culture valuing the capitalist mindset. So people do treat you better when they think you have money.

Also, when you are in debt, you don't have many options (as I found out first hand). I felt powerless and deserving of being talked down to.

I am quite proud of how far I've come. I feel good that I can support charities I love. I can help out friends and family members when they have something happen to them. I just gave my niece some money for college. I can tip well when someone has made my day.

I can also argue with people who look down on "those people" who are not able to make ends meet.

If things in my life had gone a different way, I could have declared bankruptcy at least once. I was a very very strong statistical risk that got through by the skin of my teeth.

Congratulations and I hope your good planning and good fortune continue!


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