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Originally Posted by Magdalene View Post
I couldn’t help but wonder….if I were still ‘struggling’, and if my payment had been delayed because I was waiting for payday to come and pay it, would he have been so nice about it, or was he only nice about it because I offered to pay right then and there, so presumably, I had the money, so therefore, he’d cut me a break for being late even though it meant he’d have to wait a few days for the check? I was wondering if I’d just sent the check late anyway, without contacting him first, would he have sent me a bill for late fee charges? Does this make sense?
It absolutely makes sense. I usually pay my credit cards in full, on time. One month, I spaced and forgot to pay the card. They called me a couple of days later to remind me. I paid as soon as I got to a computer, and they waived the late fee and any interest. If I paid late all the time, they would not do that, but would just happily make a lot of money from me. Also, I know at work that we officially charge 18% interest on bills at day 31. We only really charge interest when it is about day 150, and that is so we can offer to waive the interest if we get full payment in one week. The contractor probably does the same.

Good on you for changing your reality around.
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