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Comment: Very interesting. However, the organic 13th Amendment to our Constitution was actually ratified and conveniently left out of our hijacked, re-written Constitution that has deceptively been kept from us. Perhaps it's because the 13th Amendment would eliminate by disqualification all persons serving in public office that hold a BAR card, elected judges and Governors inclusive (they all know). The anagram BAR is actually the British Accredited Registry functioning under the crown implementing Admiralty Law, the Law of the Sea. The 13th Amendment was authenticated and validated as ratified by the original 13 colonies as exposed in state legislative hearings since 2013 and nine of the original states have authentic copies nullifying the claims it was destroyed in the White House fire in the War of 1812, being the fraudulent, touted reason for the war. The Law of the Land in America, as we so declared July 4, 1776, is Common Law and Americans have all been denied our God-given unalienable rights. Americans have a right to know that we have been robbed, railroaded and defrauded by a bunch of corrupt, greedy, evil, phony, de Facto, private-for-profit, un-Constitutional impersonators acting as our government.

The low-life disrespect of these evil, greedy vermin to all of humanity (the 99%ers) must be ended. Where are all the honorable Military and Americans who oathed to serve and protect. How many more banksters wars are going to be facilitated for money at the expense and loss of life of the 99%? Why have they sold their souls? Even the police are now conditioned and used to do the dirty work. Could this have anything to do with the relinquishment of a BAR license, by chance?

Don't they know that God is in control and He is not happy with America and the immoral, hateful, greediness that is globally rampant. All will be held accountable for He has promised His judgement with prosperity for His faithful. It is time!
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