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Comment: Hello , to whom it may concern . I'd really appreciate Snopes to
investigate GLOBALLSHARE.COM . I signed on as an affiliate marketer for
this new on line social site . all I had to do was log in once a day and
recruit new members . in return I'd be given a free share of company stock
for doing so . well o started late October early November . did pretty
well recruiting and logging in every day . worked hard and long to achieve
what I did . Well my account was terminated just 13 days before they were
to stop giving out the daily shares . I got no notice ,no warning my
account was even in jeopardy . it the globallshares terms of service it
sates I can appeal my termination , which I have done so every day since
termination . But they do not respond . I believe this is a scam from the
get go , that they just do not want to pay . I did work on there behalf
did everything I was required to , I should be paid what I have legally
earned as services rendered for my time and efforts , terminated or not .
but now I cant even get them to respond , reply to there own support .
here is what I have earned and believe I am entitled to terminated or not
for my services rendered
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