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Originally Posted by Errata View Post
He took on a leadership position as the public face of the company. And he didn't just quietly hold personal views. He spent real money in a successful campaign to legally suppress civil rights.
But on the other hand, he didn't actively enact his personal views by imposing them on others in the business world. He didn't, for example, refuse to hire gays, or decline to extend employee benefits to same-sex couples, or the like. He contributed money to a political proposition under which the people of the state got to democratically decide how they wanted to deal with the issue. And he was hardly an outlier in that regard: over 7 million people voted for the proposition, and it passed handily (by a 600,000 vote margin).

As odious as most of us might see that cause, is participation in the democratic political process something we really want to stifle and punish?
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