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He took on a leadership position as the public face of the company. And he didn't just quietly hold personal views. He spent real money in a successful campaign to legally suppress civil rights, and did so listing his employer's name (which to be fair, is required). This isn't some corporation holding a witch hunt to find some file clerk with non-conforming views. His tangible actions in the name of his beliefs, put his company in a difficult position having him in charge.

I think the actions of OKCupid were an aggressive tactic, and I wouldn't have wanted to take that position in their shoes. But I'm pretty OK with how it turned out. I'm not shedding any tears over the homophobe.

Religious fundamentalists boycott companies all the time. Usually unsuccessfully, but occasionally they get concessions to shut them up because nobody is actively protesting the opposite viewpoint. They sometimes flock to businesses that share their beliefs to encourage them. I'm OK if sometimes the fundamentalists face the reverse and find out it's not always perfectly safe and consequence-free to spew hate.

People have a right to think what they want. But other people have a right to do business with who they want and employ who they want. You can't have it both ways. The government can't infringe your free speech in a situation like this, but private people can respond by exercising their freedoms in ways that may have end up poorly for you.
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