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In addition, there are some particularly old New Testament manuscripts that date to the 2nd century A.D., just a century later than the events of the New Testament. P52, P104, P90, P64, P67, and P98 are all commonly dated between 125 and 175 A.D., so early that it's possible some could even be fragments of the original documents. GA0189, P4, P32, P66, P77, and P103 are dated to about 200 A.D.

That such early documents preserve the New Testament's record of Jesus within a century after the fact is for me another powerful evidence that the Bible is correct on the issue. To believe that such early documents could exist if Jesus were not real seems to me preposterous.

In fact, for fragments of a document to exist that are nearly 2,000 years old, less than a century after the originals, is remarkable from a historian's view. Many ancient works are preserved in just a handful of manuscripts (copies) written a thousand years or more after the original documents. This kind of preservation is simply incredible.
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