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Comment: My mom meet a man on singles website. He told her he was from
Germany, living in NC and was working in Philippine's as engineer and was
getting paid on a card that he could not cash until he got home to US and
needed money to get home. Needs more money because passport expired,
could not get pass London, problems with entering there, could not enter
US, don't remember the problem. My father died in 2004 and this has been
going on since 2011. I know it is a scam but my mother thinks she is
going to meet Donald XXXXXXX one day and he will pay her back. She has
sent him over $40,000. She sends the money Western Union, Wal-Mart, etc.,
anywhere she can. Now he is in Africa. Still problems. We, the
children, have talked to her about being a scam and she does not believe
it. He tells her he loves her and next line in conversation is asking for
money. Is there anyway you could send her a message about being scammed?
I don't want her to know we sent this message.
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