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The theological question of why God allows bad things to happen to good people often downplays the forces of nature and human free will. John Calvin devised the notion of the permissive will of God, based on the Old Testament book of Job. Some Calvinists even go so far as to say that even human evil--such as evil people doing cruel things to other people (e.g. crime and the Holocaust) are God's will!

I remember an article I read in the July/August, 1982, issue of the now-defunct Moody Monthly magazine. The article was titled "It CAN Happen to a Christian." I was supposedly written by a woman from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She said that she had been raped some ten years earlier. She ended her article with the statement, "God's will for us can take us through many dark and unsuspecting routes, including rape. But he is always there with us."

WOW! It makes God really look cruel and even sadistic!

Barb Rainey
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