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Comment: I was scammed $418 in 2011 by EPROTECTIONZ, a company stating it
represented Windows and that my computer would crash within the hour if I
was unprotected.Later I felt absolutely rediculous and ashamed of myself
for falling for this. Starting in Dec. 2012 I have received calls from
this company stating it was going out of business and wanted to give my
money back. All I had to do was give them control of my computer and my
bank routing info and the money would be deposited in my account. I have
received at least 8 of these calls (the person has a different name but an
Asian Indian/Turkey/Pakistani accent) and I have repeatedly either hung up
or request them not to call again. They have called as often as three
times in one day. The individual is insistent that the issue is real and
that I have a problem with trust and infer strongly that I am stupid. I
cannot read my caller ID and I always answer the phone if I am able. They
have asked for my home address stating that an individual will come to my
home to hand me the check. The last two calls I have hung up as soon as I
hear the voice. Please email instructions to me on what to do.
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