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Comment: The article about Neiman-Marcus'(NM) cookie recipe is true. A friend of mine recently had the same misfortune that this lady had. When he recieved his credit card bill, he was alarmed that there was a charge for $250 for from NM. When he called NM to see what the charge was for, he was told it was for the cookie recipe. When has stated that he was only told 250 that he assumed that it was for $2.50 not $250. Why would NM charge $250 for a recipe that can be found online for free. He and his family used to shop at NM and had purchased 10's of thousands of dollars at NMs. After NM had refused to take the charge off, he no longer shops and NMs and has given the recipe out for free to everyone and anyone that wants the recipe.

Please update your site.
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