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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
It depends on how you define the parameters. Various sites put the number of bibles sold between 6 and 7 billion. If Jesus is mentioned 1,000 times in one bible, then there is up to 7 trillion pieces of evidence for Jesus' existance. I doubt George Washington is mentioned quite so many times.
Yea, that's taking goal post moving to an extreme!

Heck by those standards, people should be doubting my existence - and I am actually still alive!

Originally Posted by fitz1980 View Post
Penn's actual quote was "So Monty Python's: Life of Brian was actually more accurate than Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ."

His point about Elvis was that "Elvis Aaron Presley was born at a time when most people in his land were literate; we have photographic, video and audio records of his life and yet there are still people today arguing about the details of his life."

Both were from Penn & Teller's ep called "The Bible" and yes, it's my favorite of their eps.
I think the Life of Brian point was made also by Dr. Michael Shermer too. My memory of that episode is hazy (I's my favorite, but I haven't watched it in awhile) (yes I am embarrassed by that)
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