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Originally Posted by Cyrano View Post
Funny attitude from a Church that's still enshrining and worshipping little bits of corpses, has been encouraging its clerics to acts of self-punishment and mortification, had frightful Judgment Day or Danse of the Dead paintings displayed in its churches or cemetaries, still runs a few catacombs and is generally known for its strong taste for Death, Blood and Suffering.

Maybe it's because they think they have a copyright on the Macabre, and want to keep all the fun for themselves.
Well, let's face it. The competition's tough. If you're a small kid, which would you rather do:

A. Go to a mass you don't understand and are bored in, not even allowed to have the Body of Christ yet
B. Get to wear a costume with your friends and pig out on mini Snickers bars people give you for free all night long

Originally Posted by Mosherette View Post
I'm not sure about the Continent, but here most Hallowe'en dressing up involves dressing up as something "scary": skeletons, zombies, ghosts, horror film characters etc.
Oh, don't get me wrong. I think we had about three Grim Reapers as well. But for every scary costume, there's about 2 more tv, movie or cartoon themed costumes, full of cuteness and win. My fave was the little boy dressed up as Jack Sparrow, and when I announced to Ma that "the most awesome pirate is at our door", that little boy just beamed. (1, 2, 3...AWWWWWW)

Besides, it's not Halloween they should worry about, it's Cabbage Night (the night before). That's when the serious mayhem happens. Lots of shaving cream on store windows, tp attacks all over the place, smashes pumpkins in the road...
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