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Fright Alan Shepard practical joke

Okay, here's the story I heard:

Back when he was still an active astronaut, Shepard got tagged by his bosses to lead a group of reporters on a tour of the Vehicle Assembly Building, a task he abhored. Well, supposedly, they went to the roof the building (then the tallest in Florida) and as he was showing them around up there, he casually walked by an employee doing work up there and patted him on the back... sending him over the side.

Supposedly there is video of this, complete with one of the female reporters fainting. The joke was revealed when the employee's voice was heard "Okay, can you pull me back up now?" as he dangled from the mandatory safety strap he was using, this all being set up before hand.

It's a funny story, but I do have trouble believing it. One, I've never seen the supposed footage. And two, while they were known jokesters, that was in front of 'civies' and that employee must of really trusted him and the safety gear in order to consent to the joke.

Anybody else hear this story?
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