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What Singing in the Drizzle said.

The polygraph could simply be showing a response to the controversy surrounding the question. It all depends on how the test was administered. A competent polygrapher would go through all the questions before using the machine (usually leaving enough time for the testee to think about them). This way the questions do not cause a "shock" reaction.

For instance if you are taking a polygraph for a job interview and the questions are run of the mill "have you ever stolen from an employer, told a significant lie, committed fraud, etc", but the next question was "did you know your spouse is cheating on you?" the shock of the question might draw a reaction no matter your response. Naturally a competant polygrapher would not do that.

This is one reason that polygraphs are not admissable in court. Another is that pathological liars can breeze through an exam as they have no remorse at telling a lie.

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