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Comment: athiests and polygraphs, part 2:

This is from john ankerberg's site:

...according to Senior Pastor Jess Moody of the First Baptist Church of
Van Nuys, California, "Lie detector tests were administered to more than
25,000 people. One of the questions was, 'Do you believe in God?' In every
case, when a person answered no, the lie detector said he was lying."

This is sourced in footnote #31, which I show below:

Cited in Los Angeles Times, June 28, 1986. We could not confirm this
research. Convinced philosophical atheists clearly could pass lie detector
tests since these measure conviction of belief. But such results, if
valid, clearly show that the more garden-variety practical, as opposed to
philosophical, atheists really aren't so sure of their views.

I reached George Baranowski, President of the National Polygraph
Association, 219 873 9134. As I expected, he said a study of 25,000 exams
would cost many, many millions of dollars adding that only the government
would have such resources. Being in the polygraph business for thirty
years, he assured me if indeed such a study did exist, it would be common
knowledge throughout his industry and he, the president of the trade
association, has heard of no such study, anytime, anywhere.

Ankerberg is a memeber of the Christian right, and if there is anyting I
have learned about that crowd it that poor sholarship permeates nearly its
every cell. They don't fact-check, the have no couriosity. I am stunned
that he would write "we could not confirm it" and wrote about it anyway.
If the "study" existed surely it would be easy to find.
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